Why You Should Not Keep Your Own Books

Accurate book recordings are fundamental for a great and successful business. Precise information from the reports will allow business owners to make better decisions, and if this information is not accurate, our decisions won’t be either.

Keeping your books requires a good and solid knowledge about bookkeeping, how to record transactions, etc. Also, you have strict deadlines to meet, such as BAS preparation & lodgement, payroll to generate, etc., and none of this can be postponed or left behind!

In our previous article we explained how accounting software can make big errors if not piloted well… you must be there to tell them what to do, otherwise, they’ll just ‘guess’, and most times this guessing means that you’ll have troubles later on.

Even if you were able to record transactions properly and meet all the ATO requirements yourself… how long would that take? Maybe only one extra day, perhaps only one week, however, you could have spent that time working on your business instead of on your bookkeeping, well, maybe that would be better invested?

And lastly, a bookkeeper will cost you a lot more if they have to ‘rescue’ your business and put in order the mess. Leave it to the experts, and you’ll have a smoother and more enjoyable accounting journey, and a better financial results!

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